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Office of Women's programs was responsible for this, Patt Morrie was a big part of this.

News article titled "Sprout strikes out against discrimination", article describes the context of the hearing as well as the protest held at Carle Hospital because the hearing was postponed to January 27th.

An attendance badge belonging to Nathan Alexander for the Creating Change Conference, a leadership and skill-building conference run by the National LGBTQ Task Force. According to the Creating Change website, the goal of the conference is "to build…

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Pamphlet from 2019 Pride in Southern Carbondale sponsored by Rainbow Café. This was the second Pride parade hosted in Southern Carbondale. Representatives from the Champaign UP Center attended to hand out flyers for their organization, make their…

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Blue Up Center t-shirt worn by staff of the 2018 Champaign Pride

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Blue Up Center t-shirt worn by staff of the 2018 Champaign Pride.

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Love is Love comic book that was created after the Orlando Pulse Shooting in June 2016. This book was made to spread love and hope after the targeted violence at the Pulse Club. All proceeds went to survivors of the shooting.

Official GCAP documents that were passed out during the rise of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. GCAP used their influence to spread sex help education and tips on how to protect oneself from AIDS. One of the tips they focused on specifically was…

Final draft of the GCAP bylaws written in 1986 from Jerry Carden's GCAP binder.
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