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Brochure from local law firm, Phebus and Koester, LLP. Residents involved in the 5th & Hill Neighborhood met with lawyers from Phebus and Koester to build a case against Ameren.

Letter to the editor (newspaper unknown) from Eileen Oldham, 5th and Hill community resident. Oldham developed cancer that is believed to have been caused by contaminated groundwater in her community. The letter is a plea for a repeal of the Ground…

A Weitz & Luxenberg update sent to Maggie Cook with updates on the 5th & Hill community's lawsuit against Ameren.

5th and Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign monthly updates newsletter sent from Champaign County Health Care Consumers. Includes information on the Groundwater Prohibition Ordinance 5th & Hill has been fighting to repeal and a resident profile of…
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