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Stephen Gallagher's AIDS Quilt is a collaborate quilt made of squares created by friends and family of Stephen Gallagher. This specific square is to showcase their participation in the group GCAP, which stands for Gay Community AIDS Project (later…

A panel on Stephen Gallagher's AIDS Quilt mde by his close friend's that depicts his relationship with his mother.

Stephen Gallagher's AIDS Quilt Crown is one square of a collaborate quilt in celebration for Stephen Gallagher's life. This specific square is specifically about the celebration of his life in memoriam

Stephen Gallagher's AIDS Quilt. This is one square of a collaborative quilt that commemorate the life of Stephen Gallagher. This specific square is celebrating his Social Work Degree that he received during his undergrad at the University of…

Official GCAP documents that were passed out during the rise of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. GCAP used their influence to spread sex help education and tips on how to protect oneself from AIDS. One of the tips they focused on specifically was…

A quilt made to honor the life of Christian Gallagher, who died from AIDS in 1991. The quilt was created by his close friends, with each panel representing a different aspect of his life.

Final draft of the GCAP bylaws written in 1986 from Jerry Carden's GCAP binder.

Collection of Daily Illini Articles relating to GCAP.

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