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Documents referencing WRFU Radio Barnraising in which 200 volunteers traveled to Champaign-Urbana to get WRFU on the air. Also a document referencing how WRFU was getting a newer, taller radio tower for their station which will carry their signal…

There are multiple documents describing what the WRFU 104.5 fm is and how it is for the community. There are mission statements on what WRFU wants to help achieve as well as an example, Books to Prisoners project. There is also information on how…

IMC Fireside retreat meeting allowed for collaboration and note making on future plans. Exchange of what the community needs, opportunities to help the community, and possible threats to those opportunities.

IMC Membership meeting agenda draft with different group reports from the different groups within the IMC.

IMC and RFU fundraiser for better equipment for the WRFU radio station. Art exhibits were put up inside the radio station to demonstrate the connection between media and art with the community.
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