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A brief monthly update of 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign with information regarding a toxic waste pipe at Boneyard Creek with photos.

Flyer put out by the 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign during their first attempt to get the Groundwater Ordinance repealed. The flyer includes information on why the ordinance is harmful and how concerned citizens can take action to help get…

A flyer with information about the Champaign-Urbana Men's Chorus rehearsals.

This program outlines the 5th Annual Christmas Concert organized by the Champaign-Urbana Gay Men's Chorus in 1988 at McKinley Presbyterian Church. It includes basic information about the chorus itself along with their affiliation to GALA Choruses

Program from the Performers for Life benefit for the Gay Community AIDS Project, in memory of Michael Hyman.

A card expressing thanks to Nathan Alexander for his work on the Southern Illinois Pride Festival.


A permit for the CU Pride Festival and parade in downtown Champaign.

An award letter addressed to Maggie Cook to be honored alongside four other 5th & Hill leaders: MD Pelmore, Ebbie Cook, Eileen Oldham and Jessie Clarette.

The John Lee Johnson Award for social justice in the community was granted to these…

This oral history details how Curt McKay became involved with the LGBT Resource Center and how the center grew.

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A button in response to Nina P. talk.
Group of trans-support network created event in response celebrating LGBTQ+ inclusivity/acceptance.
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