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A November 1980 volume of Griot, a newsletter of the African-American Cultural Center. Articles discuss the relationship between students and the community at large, the history of the Frederick Douglass Recreation Center, intimacy, and University of…

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This poster specifically focuses on the Spring 2014 concert of Amasong, a Champaign-Urbana's Premier Lesbian/Feminist Chorus. This concert featured music from 6 continents in 7 languages, celebrating job and the experiences of life struggles.

This poster specifically focuses on the Winter 2013 concert of Amasong, a Champaign-Urbana's Premier Lesbian/Femanist Chorus. This concert featured a variety of different seasons and diversity of music across different ages and cultures.

This is the logo to CU Fabulous, the Facebook page that supports local drag events.

Official GCAP documents that were passed out during the rise of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. GCAP used their influence to spread sex help education and tips on how to protect oneself from AIDS. One of the tips they focused on specifically was…

A flyer advertising the joint concert performance between the Windy City Gay Chorus and the Champaign-Urbana Men's Chorus at McKinley Presbyterian Church on October 24, 1987 at 8pm.

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A certificate of attendance issued to Nathan Alexander signaling his completion of training on how to support parents of youth who are transitioning. This training was hosted by the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board and Champaign…

A 5th and Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign update with information and pictures about a toxic waste pipe found in Boneyard Creek.

5th and Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign monthly updates newsletter sent from Champaign County Health Care Consumers. Includes information on the Groundwater Prohibition Ordinance 5th & Hill has been fighting to repeal and a resident profile of…

After new Champaign Mayor, Don Gerard, made disparaging remarks about the 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign and the data they had collected highlighting ground water contamination in the neighborhood, the campaign called for a public meeting…
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