IMC Radio Station

The idea for WRFU, a low power FM station, began in 1999, but was not able to immediately start production as they waited patiently for FCC construction permits. After approval by the FCC they were able to begin construction on the transmitter in what was called a “barnraising” by participants over a single weekend. WRFU was then able to be on air in 2005, with the station at the IMC location of 210 S. Broadway, Urbana, IL, in the former post office purchased for $350,000. The station is maintained through local membership and donation, as well as arts grants, as news stations and organizations are not typically offered grants. WRFU has been a vessel that would report the news of disenfranchised groups in the Champaign-Urbana area who were not covered by mainstream media. They continue to provide an amplifier for voices that are too commonly drowned out.