Greater Community AIDS Project

Greater Community AIDS Project of East Central Illinois (GCAP)
GCAP exists to empower the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS and to help eliminate the spread of the disease, GCAP collaborates with local resources and organizations to serve its community by providing educational outreach to the public and by providing support to those who are living with HIV/AIDS in the form of transitional housing, emergency financial assistance and other services.

GCAP is deeply indebted to members of the gay community. In the mid-1980s they founded the Gay Community AIDS Project with the foresight and energy to realize that sweeping HIV/AIDS under the table was not the answer. The name was changed in the mid-1990's to reflect that HIV/AIDS could infect anyone, not just persons having same sex relations.

There is now a generation of people who learned about the disease from the efforts of GCAP. Today, GCAP is as committed as ever and has expanded its original purpose. While some of the demographics of the disease have changed, we are all still family.

GCAP’s official site lists more information, events, and volunteer opportunities.

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